Google+ gets facelift

Google is unleashing a new design for its social network, Google+, aiming to make the site simpler to use, and also easier on the eyes.

(Credit: Google)

One of the first changes to pop out is a new Navigation bar nestled on the left. Replacing the old static toolbar at the top, the Navigation bar includes the usual icons for Home, Profile, Photos and more. But this bar is also customisable.

You can change the order of the various icons to drag your favourite ones to the top. You can remove icons for features you don't use, or add other icons from a "More" group. And you can hover your mouse over an icon to display a menu of quick actions.

Google is also striving to enhance conversations among its users. Any photos or videos you post will now be full bleed, according to the company, presumably so that they can trigger more comments and discussions. New conversation cards will let people more easily find and join discussions. An activity drawer shows you the people who've shared or commented on your content.

The company has also created a dedicated Hangouts page, where you can see invitations from people in your circle, find popular hangouts and quickly access any public or live hangout that you want to attend.


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LabbieP posted a comment   

Well I use to use Google when it first came out, was a great alt to Fb, but again Google lets it run wild and I have come across so many fake profiles. Men posing as women just to name a few. It has become like Android os so many flavours it had potential but Google has let it run wild and lost control which it needs to get back to like iOS and WP7.

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