Google+ gets Snapseed photo editing in Chrome browser

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Google has given its social network the photo-editing prowess of Snapseed for users on Chrome.

All the familiar Snapseed editing adjustments are now available through Google+.
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The app, available for Android and iOS, allows users to tweak options like contrast and sharpness on photos, as well as add filters. Google+ photos product manager Josh Haftel revealed in a post that Snapseed editing tools are now available for Google+ users on the Chrome browser.

For mobile users without the app installed, Snapseed-like editing tools are also available through the Android and iOS Google+ app.

Since acquiring Snapseed's parent company Nik Software last year, Google has been pushing ahead with plenty of developments in the photo-editing space. Google+ now features a range of automatic enhancement tools for uploaded images, and earlier this year, the company released the entire collection of Nik tools for US$149.

The editing tools are rolling out to Google+ users, available through the Edit tab when browsing through your photo library.

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