Google Glass Explorer Edition: what's in the box?

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One Glass Explorer has shown off what's in the Google Glass package he's received.

The Explorer Edition unpacked.
(Credit: Brandon Allgood)

We reported yesterday that Google Glass units would be shipping to the 2000 Glass Explorers within a few days. Apparently, it was even quicker than that, with one Explorer already posting photos of his Glass unit on Google+.

Brandon Allgood is the CTO of Numerate in San Francisco, California. He posted the photo of his unpacked Google Glass box, noting that there were actually two visors: one clear and one tinted.

It appears that the Explorer Edition of Google Glass also comes with a carry bag. With consumer versions still not tipped until 2014, it's unclear what similarities there will be between the two versions.

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AjC posted a comment   

it looks like its can only be worn on the right side which is a bummer for people that are visual impaired just in the right eye:(

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