Google Map Maker now available in Australia

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If you've ever found Google Maps lacking, you can now add your own input using Google's Map Maker tool, available in Australia from today.

(Credit: Google)

Using the tool, Aussies can now add information to Google Maps. This can be locations, such as stores and venues, roads and trails, and even edits to other location information.

The team at Google will then review and approve your edits and, if all is present and correct, set them live to Google Maps, Google Earth and Google Maps Mobile.

Hyams Beach in Google Map Maker.
(Credit: Google)

In an announcement post on its Australian blog, Google said:

Google Map Maker warmly welcomes the people of Australia to the team of citizen cartographers from 200 countries and regions across the globe, as they continue to build the world map. To learn more, subscribe to the Map Maker YouTube Channel and get started mapping today!

It looks like it's pretty fun, and you can even see other users editing in real-time. Head on over to the Map Maker and check it out.

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