Google Nexus 4: hands on

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The Australian smartphone market is on the verge of a major shake-up, with Google prepped to sell one of the most powerful phones around for a ridiculously low price tag. We sat down with the team from LG Australia recently, and got our hands on the new Nexus 4.

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guptsur posted a comment   

Cnet you have to fix this issue. When we click from one photo to the other, its not just the next photo in the gallery that updates but the whole webpage updates. You guys have to address this considering you are a technology related website. We are in 2012 and all this has been addressed in webpages since 2008-09 ?

Its just annoying, to see the whole webpage update. Only the picture in the gallery should load not the whole webpage.


DominicC posted a reply   

It takes like 3 lines of code to implement in jQuery as well lol


YasharR posted a comment   

Sooo, hands on... Anything to actually report there guys/Joseph?!?
Or was this literally a minute of "look at the pretty phone, then give it back"?!


joytech22 posted a comment   

This is certainly on my to-get list, assuming the Lumia 920 becomes a hassle to wait for..


roshie posted a comment   

Looks the goods! I don't trust the LG brand due to lot of previous failures of devices I have owned from them, but at $349/399, you really can't complain for a high end smartphone.


Joseph Hanlon posted a reply   

It certainly feels good, and quite unlike previous LG phones. I'm really looking forward to testing it out.

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