Google Nexus 4

Whether you want the latest Android updates first, or you just want a really powerful phone for a comparatively low price, the Nexus 4 is for you.

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  • wertay2



    "This phone is probably the best thing i have ever used and much better in comparison to an iphone 5, it's cheap, efficient, good battery and fast. The only negative i find with this phone is the mu..."

  • BingL


    "This phone has a delay in notifying you when you receive a message if the screen is off. The delay ranges from 1 minute to not at all until you turn the screen on. This has been reported to Google ..."

  • JoL



    "This is a brilliant phone, considering the price for somethings thats at least on par with the SG3 but almost half the price!
    Great battery and quality screen. Very snappy phone and decent c..."

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