Google patents Project Glass wearable display

Google has received three patents for a "wearable display device" that appear to be the foundation for its Project Glass augmented-reality glasses.

Look familiar? Google received three patents for a wearable display device.
(Credit: USPTO)

Company engineers submitted patent applications for a wearable display device last year, which have just been assigned.

There aren't detailed descriptions attached to the patents, but the patents reference the types of inventions you would expect, such as display designs for showing data and playing music.

Google's secretive research lab, Google X, announced Project Glass last month, and showed off early prototypes of the device, some of which are now being tested by Google executives, including Sergey Brin and Vic Gundotra.

Images from the patents, first reported on by Engadget, show different versions of Project Glass, including versions with and without actual lenses.

In a video from the user's perspective, Google showed how the glasses could be used in much the way that a smartphone is — for corresponding with friends, listening to music and searching for information.

But one of the engineers behind Project Glass, Sebastian Thrun, said that early tests show that the glasses are best suited for taking and sharing photos. Thrun released a stunning picture of his son taken with the glasses as Thrum held him with outstretched arms and spun him around.


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