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A developer has revealed some screenshots of a new app specifically designed for photo storage and sharing on Chrome OS.

(Credit: François Beaufort)

Yesterday, François Beaufort shared on his Google+ page some initial details about a new native app in the works for Chrome. When the Chromebook Pixel made its debut a few days ago, Google did hint at a different sort of photo app for the platform.

Though there aren't that many details about the app's functionality, Beaufort hinted at two key features: automatic selection of best shots and automatic importing of images when a memory card is inserted. Close integration with Google+ is a given, with the ability to instantly upload shots in a similar manner to the Android app.

(Credit: François Beaufort)

If you happen to be running a Chromebook, Beaufort has released a zip file for trying out. No release date has been set so far, and it's unsure whether the Google+ Photos app will play nicely with other services like Drive and Picasa.

Check out more screenshots of the app in action here.

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