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Google's music-streaming service has finally reached Apple users, with the app available for download through the iTunes Store.

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The iOS app was first mentioned as being in development in May this year, just after the search giant launched its fully fledged streaming service.

Google Play Music encompasses two main functionalities that set it apart from other services on the market: the ability to upload 20,000 of your own songs for streaming through any compatible device, as well as the option to stream millions of songs from the existing catalogue. Google Play Music also has no limit on the number of songs that can be skipped, unlike Pandora and Apple's own iTunes Radio. The latter is not currently available in Australia.

The iOS app has all the same functionality as the Android version, including the ability to cache songs on the device for offline listening. Google Play Music is accessible on the desktop through a web browser, on Android or iOS. Users also have the ability to download songs for a set fee — just like the iTunes Store.

The full catalogue streaming service, which is called All Access, costs AU$11.99 per month. Google offers a free 30-day trial to new users.

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