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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Google Play's 50bn app downloads imminent

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(Credit: Google; CBSi)

The developer who predicted when Google Play would hit 25 billion app downloads has set a date for when the store will reach double that number.

Remember Shen Ye? About a year before Google Play hit 25 billion downloads, the developer wrote an algorithm that predicted with startling accuracy just when that would happen — and he was correct to within a day, with the app store hitting the figure on 26 September.

According to Ye's spreadsheet, which he has been tweaking as the year progressed, that number will double in just a few days, hitting the 50 billion mark on 9 June 2013. Last month, the store reached 48 billion downloads — a week before Ye had predicted, but the developer has adjusted the algorithm accordingly.

(Credit: Shen Ye)

Looking at Ye's graph, the rise in app downloads for Android has been utterly meteoric, especially bearing in mind that Ye's figures are only from Google Play, not taking into account all the other Android app marketplaces, or piracy, for that matter. And, according to Ye, this figure will double again by the end of May next year.

Although Ye said that luck has a big part to play in how well his algorithm has performed, he's been pretty bang on the money so far. Keep your ears peeled for Google Play app sales, coming soon.

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Im Batman posted a comment   

How convenient it will be to hit the 50 billion app mark the day before Apple's WWDC, who just happened to announce they hit the same mark at the start of Goolge's IO a few weeks back!!


CraigC5 posted a comment   

June 8th @ 10 PM CST Android will reach 50 Billion Downloads!


CraigC5 posted a reply   

Did not mean to post twice. My apologies!

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