Google rolling out magazines to Aussie Play Store

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Google today announced that digital magazine subscriptions are now available via the Google Play Store in Australia.

The new Magazines section on Google Play in Australia.
(Screenshot by CBSi)

The Magazines section of the Play Store is already loaded with Australian titles, with publishers ACP and Haymarket among the first to deliver digital content to Google. Individual titles include Rolling Stone, Dolly, APC, FourFourTwo and Atomic.

The subscription side of the service is now live on the Google Play store via web browsers on PCs, and will roll out to devices, like phones and tablets, "over the coming days", according to a post on Google's blog. You can view the catalogue of content on phones now, but you will be unable to make a purchase.

In the interim, Aussies can view magazines on their Android phones, but will need to download the Google Play Magazine app to do so.

Google also announced globally that developers now have the ability to build in trial periods for subscription-based purchases through the Play Store. These trials must be no shorter than 14 days, after which the customer's credit card will be automatically billed. All of the magazines we've seen in the store so far feature a 14-day trial.

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tabboo posted a comment   

If I subscribe to monthly subscription, and cancel it after a month, do I keep the issues I got while I was subscribed


apete42 posted a comment   

If you have an already existing paper subscription, are you entitled to receive a digital subscription for free or at a discounted price?

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