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Google has launched a new website to give members of the public a peek into its immaculate high-tech datacentres.

Ever wondered what happens behind Google's closed doors? Imagined the blinking lights, the quiet hum of a thousand thousand servers?

Internet giant Google has possibly the most powerful server network on the planet. It needs to; the multibillion-dollar company receives billions of search queries on a daily basis, as well as serving a multitude of customer services such as email, document programs, cloud storage, email, social networks and YouTube.

The gallery below shows the insides of eight Google datacentres around the globe: Council Bluffs, Iowa; The Dalles, Oregon; Douglas County, Georgia; Lenoir, North Carolina; Berkeley County, South Carolina; Pryor, Oklahoma; Saint Ghislain, Belgium; and Hamina, Finland.

There's something almost reverence-inducing about the large spaces filled with pipes and wires and lights and automated processes, from the brightly coloured water-cooling pipes to the servers humming about their business in the dark.

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