Google ties Apple with 700,000 Android apps

Google has announced that it has hit the new milestone for apps available for Android.

(Credit: Google)

The number of apps available for Android now totals around 700,000, a Google spokesman confirmed to CNET. That's up from the 675,000 that the company said it had a month ago.

And it equals the figure that Apple most recently touted. The Cupertino, California, company first revealed that it had about 700,000 apps available in its store last month, and Apple reiterated that amount during the iPad Mini launch last week.

The number of apps offered for an operating system is an important factor for driving user adoption. Apple had long led the rest of the market, but Google has been quick to catch up. By comparison, Microsoft said yesterday that it now has 120,000 apps for it Windows Phone OS. That's a pretty big figure for the company, but it significantly lags behind Android and iOS.

Bloomberg earlier reported Google's milestone.


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