Google unveils photo-sharing network

Google has begun rolling out a new social-networking photo service, dubbed Photovine.

(Screenshot by Jay Greene/CNET)

Though Google has said little publicly about Photovine, the service appears to be one in which consumers can take snaps from their phones and have them upload in a stream of pictures in the same way that tweets flow into Twitter. Presumably, if you subscribe to someone else's Photovine, you'll see their latest photos almost as soon as they shoot them.

The service, though, isn't yet live. There's only the opportunity to request an invitation on Photovine's website, with no indication of when the service will launch.

Business Insider was the first to notice that the went live. In addition to requesting an invitation, potential customers can also watch a video of how Google envisions the service to work.

Google didn't respond to an email seeking comment.

Photovine comes just as Google is ramping up its Google+ social networking service, but it's unclear if the two services will be aligned.

The video Google posted features folks taking photos with iPhones, which clearly suggests that Photovine will be an iPhone app, but there is no Photovine app currently available in iTunes. Presumably, Google will make it available for customers using phones that run its Android mobile operating system.


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