Google updates Play Books, adds Wiki, maps and translation

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Google has released a feature-packed update for its ebook reading app, Play Books, including some extremely useful new online features.

The new maps feature in Google Play Books. We've added the blue arrow to show you how to navigate to the extra features after a word has been selected.
(Screenshot by CBSi)

All text in books is now searchable, with the app delivering dictionary definitions and translations for all words, and a map reference and optional Wikipedia link for all place names that are referred to in the book.

The new information appears on the screen in a similar fashion to the way data is displayed in the new Google Now feature, with different data displayed on separate cards. To access a card, you simply touch and hold on a word on the page to activate the dictionary, and then slide the first card to reveal more below. To translate a word, you press on the small globe icon on the top right corner of the screen to bring up the language options.

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