Google's Nexus 7 tablet selling fast

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Google's Asus-made Nexus 7 tablet has been selling fast around the world. So fast that Google has had to stop taking orders for the 16GB Nexus 7 through the Google Play store.

The 16GB Nexus 7 is selling fast.
(Credit: CNET Australia)

Thankfully, that's a problem specific to the US and the UK, with Australian users of Google Play faced with a one- to two-week delivery estimate for the 16GB model.

According to The Guardian, Google's internal planners thought that the 8GB model was going to be the fastest mover. While they believed that the 8GB model would be the most attractive option for those now committed to the cloud, the 8GB Nexus has been selling relatively slowly, while demand for the 16GB model has now exceeded supply.

Customers in those territories are being asked to sign up to be informed when more stock becomes available.

The Nexus 7 is also widely out of stock in retail stores around Australia. Speaking with staff at JB Hi-Fi in Sydney, the 16GB Nexus 7 sold out within hours. While a few tablets may still be available in outer suburban or regional stores, it will be hard to find in city areas. So for many buyers still keen to get it soon, it may be best to take the one- to two-week delivery schedule via the online order option.

The news of the Nexus 7's success comes at a time when Android has been struggling to stake any claim in the tablet market.

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Ray of Perth posted a comment   

"The news of the Nexus 7's success comes at a time when Android has been struggling to stake any claim in the tablet market."
I think this comment is a bit unfair, as Amazon has sold millions of their 7" Android tablet and is due to offer the market a greatly "up-specced" version soon to bring its features and speed up to the Google offering.
Apple has had basically 100% of the market since launching, but now has dropped to 69% even with having now two versions of the iPad on the market and dropped its price on the iPad2.Great for all their diehard fans who paid full price! Android, even without the new Nexus 7 has managed to take away 30% of what was entirely Apple’s market! Apple is now starting to panic and plans to offer a new 7" "MiniPad" \, something Steve Jobs and Apple said they would never do – “no-one wants or needs a 7" tablet”! Guess what, he was wrong! Hopefully Android 7" tablet manufacturers will now do what Apple does and take Apple to court for "copying" but I bet unlike Apple, they simply see it as good competition that only serves to overall improve everyone's products. I also note that Apple is in big trouble in Italy for violating their countries 2 years free Warranty laws, by charging for the second year warranty, apparently even after being told to stop. Apple of course thinks they are above the law!


MarkM8 posted a comment   

Picked mine up from JB HiFi in Strathpine on Tuesday only a few hours after placing the order for pick up online. Loving the tablet. Very responsive and smooth. Only gripe is the lack of a microSD slot however I know i can easily survive on 16GB for what I use it for.


AmeetB posted a comment   

I pre-order on 28th June morning - still waiting - rang Google -even they dont have any ETA for me - poor service :(


LightUse posted a comment   

I pre-ordered. Got 1st email last week saying Shipping by last Thursday evening 3 - 5 days delivery (Sydney). Still waiting for ANY further information, now Tuesday evening. Totally bad service, nil communication, or replies to queries. Shine already worn off.


ADSLNerd posted a comment   

The iPad is a lot better value, has a larger display, rear camera, and a better OS. Android is garbage - its basically a "apple inspired" OS made by Google, but its performance even on phones is garbage. The Apple OS is a lot more refined and snappier and a lot more apps out there.


DefconOne posted a reply   

Thanks for the laugh! Is that why Apple are having their as*es handed to them by Samsung and the Android Army in the Smartphone wars?

By the way the iPad is about 3 times the price. Not eveyone wants to take out a second mortgage so that Apple can tell them what to do with their devices.


ADSLNerd posted a reply   

The Apple iPad is a lot better value overall. Android is "apple inspired" - almost a complete knockoff and it does not run as smoothly or as well.


RGoodsell posted a comment   

My brother is going to the US, Besides the power adapter, what problems would I have if he picked up one for me?


DionR posted a comment   

I pre-ordered as soon as I could. It arrived Thursday last week and has been the best device out there that I have used. Fantastic form factor. And I have used a large number of the devices available due to work. For $250 for the 8gb model and $300 for 16gb. All I can say is stop hesitating and just buy it. U won't regret it. If u want a really good review. Check they did a good write up on it.

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