Google's Sergey Brin: you'll ride in robot cars within 5 years

Ordinary folks will have access to self-driving cars in the next few years, the Google co-founder said at a California Bill signing yesterday.

(Screenshot by Charles Cooper/CNET)

If you're excited about the day when your car drives itself, you may not have to wait long.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin said that Google will have autonomous cars available for the general public within five years.

"You can count on one hand the number of years it will take before ordinary people can experience this," he said at the signing of SB 1298, which establishes safety and performance standards for cars operated by computers on California roads and highways.

The new law, which puts California in line with Nevada and Florida — two US states that have had similar laws in place — will allow a licensed driver to test the car. The Bill had some opposition early on, with detractors fearing that it didn't provide enough oversight to guarantee the safety of truly driverless cars, but more discussion and a revision of the Bill let it slide through the legislature.

Google has already put in 482,700 kilometres of testing with its self-driving cars. Brin said that the company will focus on improving sensors and hardware failure support for the technology. He said that any obstacles for the technology will be the same as any system that can fail, such as the case with something like aeroplane flight.

"It's a long list of things that humans have coped with in the past," he said.


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grumpi posted a comment   

I love driving, but not in heavy traffic.
An autonomous car would take the drudgery out of the drive to work.
It could also drive me home from the pub after a few beers.

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