GoPro Hero 3 available in Australia from mid-November

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The latest iteration of GoPro's popular action camera will arrive down under from mid-November, starting at AU$269.99.

The Hero 3 Black Edition.
(Credit: GoPro)

GoPro has the sort of cachet in the industry that others can only dream of. It's a name that has become synonymous with action cameras, and the latest version, which comes in three flavours, only looks to reinforce this association even more. After being announced in the US last month, the GoPro will be coming to Australia in just a couple of weeks.

The GoPro Hero 3 will come in black, silver and white editions, with each sporting slightly different internal features:

  • Hero 3 Black Edition: built-in Wi-Fi and the Wi-Fi remote accessory, waterproof housing, 1080p video at 50/48/25/24fps, 12-megapixel still images — AU$489.99

  • Hero 3 Silver Edition: built-in Wi-Fi, 1080p video at 25/24fps, 11-megapixel still images — AU$379.99

  • Hero 3 White Edition: 1080p video at 30fps, 5-megapixel still images — AU$269.99.

While you're waiting for it to be made available, you can read the CNET review of the Silver Edition of the Hero 3.

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ScottM9 posted a comment   

I think you have specification wrong for the gopro 3 black !This is info from gopro. KEY CAMERA SPECS1080p60 / 720p120 / 1440p48 /4kp15 / 2.7kp30 / WVGA-240fps12MP / 30 fps BurstWi-Fi Built-InWi-Fi Remote IncludedGoPro App Compatible*Pro Low-Light Performance


Lexy Savvides posted a reply   

Hi Scott,

I think you might be confusing the NTSC and PAL versions. Australia generally uses PAL so those are the frame rates stated and are correct as listed above, also cited on the GoPro website.


joytech22 posted a comment   

All I'm interested in is the black edition.

I would love a cheap 4K camera even IF the FPS is 12.
Plus.. Not much can beat a GoPro in both build quality and recording quality.


dansiggers posted a comment   

Already on sale with us at JB HiFi, black version coming in next couple of weeks, but silver has been out for over a week now


Im Batman posted a comment   

GoPro have outdone themselves again,
Video below has some amazing footage from the Hero 3 Black.

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