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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Gorilla Glass maker's vision of the future

Corning may be renowned for its CorningWare kitchen items and the impact-resistant Gorilla Glass used in mobile phones and Sony TVs, but the glass maker has a much greater vision for the future.

Just check out the above video from the firm and its uber-cool ideas. We were particularly impressed by the Minority Report-style user interfaces, as well as the seamless data exchange between devices and the liberal use of skinny touchscreens.

In fact, there already are existing technologies that make some of these concepts plausible. Think flexible OLED display for the eBook reader featured at the end of the video. While such screens exist, high cost is a major hurdle for larger screen sizes.

For the time being, all we need is a simple solution to rid us of the smudges and grime on our smartphone's display. No matte screen protector for us, please.


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