Gran Turismo 5 now supports up to 5 TVs

An update released on 18 February 2011 for Gran Turismo 5 not only fixes a number of bugs, but introduces one big new feature, namely support for multiple monitors.

Hardcore GT5 players can join three or five high-definition televisions together for an extended field of view. This, however, requires an equal number of PlayStation 3 consoles and copies of GT5, as well as a high-speed Ethernet hub to link up all the hardware.

There are some caveats, though. The multi-monitor function is incompatible with two-player split-screen mode, B-Spec races and DIY tracks created by the course maker. Check out the video below from the Taipei Game Show for a quick demonstration of a GT5 five-screen set-up.

If you're still keen, or just curious, Sony has posted up detailed instructions on how you can set-up this multi-monitor configuration.

Via CNET Asia, Kotaku and TweakTown

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Noooob !!


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Cmon.. like u never thought "Hot Chicks...! Yay !"


deltatango posted a comment   

LOL yeah, she accidentally went into the pits. Kinda wrecked the demo.

But this setup looks like a one-way ticket motion sickness city!


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she isnt very good haha

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