Green Man Gaming gives Aussie 'gouging' discount

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Sick of so-called "price gouging" on video games? So is Green Man, and it's putting its money where its mouth is.

(Credit: Green Man Gaming)

Over at, it's being reported that one of its commercial partners, the Green Man Gaming website, is taking an impressive stand against inflated Aussie prices on video games.

In the wake of allegedly being forced by the publisher to raise the price on a number of 2K titles, Green Man Gaming is now offering a code that will give a 30 per cent discount on any title "where publishers have forced them to gouge Australians unfairly".

The code is GMGAU-3J9MF-MUINW, and it's valid for 10 years, although that is subject to change.

At the moment, the code seems to only apply to a small number of games from 2K, but the concept is that if any more enforcement of pricing occurs from publishers, GMG is prepared to eat 30 per cent of the cost. That's a hell of an offer.

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