Green Mesh open-air PC case is magically dust free

We stumbled upon YoungYear Electronics' new fanless PC case made of mesh at Computex this week, and did a double take. It looks nothing like your usual PC chassis. Instead of being fully enclosed, and with fan ports for proper airflow, the Green Mesh Computer Case does away with all of that in favour of an open-air approach.

That's right. There's nothing to stop the dust from accumulating inside the case, not even a filter. According to the Taiwanese manufacturer, though, this open-air design is actually the reason why dust will not magically accumulate inside the case. In fact, the company claims that it will have three to four times less dust than a normal PC tower.

Holes everywhere.
(Credit: Aloysius Low/CNET)

The reason is simple. Instead of relying on a fan to suck dust-laden air into the innards to cool the PC, the Green Mesh's openness causes a "chimney effect", due to the fact that hot air rises. This acts as a barrier against dust. We're told that if the case is placed in sunlight, you can actually see dust specks being pushed away.

However, there is a major downside with the Green Mesh case: there's a limit to the amount of power that's available. The company's main expertise is making power supply units (PSUs), and it has translated that expertise into creating a fanless PSU that dissipates heat by conducting it away using the mesh.

There's also a bracket for video cards that you mount to your motherboard.
(Credit: Aloysius Low/CNET)

However, this means that higher voltage PSUs (which generate a lot more heat), won't be able to use this method. That means you're stuck with a 300W PSU at the most. Those hoping for a new dust-free gaming machine will have to contain their disappointment. Right now, it seems as though the system is limited to rigs that don't require much power. It may be possible to use your own PSU (though the YoungYear spokesperson disagreed).

The Green Mesh case will be available in two to three months. YoungYear is targeting the Taiwan, US and German markets first, and will be pricing the Green Mesh competitively with current cases.

Via CNET Asia

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