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Two German gaming retailers have listed the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V as a PC title, along with details of a special edition.

GTA V for PC as listed at
(Screenshot by Nic Healey/CNET Australia)

Non-console gaming fans of Grand Theft Auto have been clamouring for news of a PC version of GTA V since it was first announced, but Rockstar has made no official comments on whether or when the title will make it off consoles.

However, as spotted on NeoGAF, two German retailers seem to think that a PC version might be on the way.

Both Amazon Germany and have the game listed for PC, with GamesOnly displaying Games for Windows box art for the title (pictured above).

This may well be both retailers simply jumping the gun, and the box art could well have been made by GamesOnly itself as a mock-up, rather than an official piece of Rockstar art.

GamesOnly also had a listing for a special edition of GTA V. This has since been removed, but the information, as recorded on NeoGAF, suggested that the SE will have the following content:

  • SteelBook with exclusive artwork

  • World map

  • Stunt planes challenges

  • Online store concessions

  • Bonus outfits

  • Bonus tattoos

  • Special abilities booster

  • Exclusive weapons.

GTA V is officially available for PS3 and Xbox from 17 September this year.

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KeironP posted a comment   

Clearly fake. Microsoft no longer uses that logo as now windows 8 is out worldwide


giggitygoo posted a comment   

So clearly fake. It doesn't have an age rating, it says "Rockstar Games" when all GTA have been marked as "Rockstar", the "uncut edition" would have a different box, afterall, GTA IV DLC had different boxes.

Seriously, I'm saying this because I don't want people to get conned:

DO NOT purchase this. It isn't real, and until Rockstar themselves have confirmed it, you should buy anything GTA V on PC.

Also, 99.99999% of PC gamers are all trolls, they take away the fun from games by modding it to stupidity and they ruin games companies by making them lose heaps of money by getting the game free and selling it on without passing on profits.


BrandonS2 posted a comment   

If it ain't come from Rockstar, ( which it hasn't ) than this is complete bullsh*t! I mean, im not angry, just bringing the truth.


hatefags posted a comment   
United States

funny how there two anons against putting this on pc. I never pirated a pc game and pc games have by far better graphical quality than any console on the market.

I am a die hard gta fan and if you are as well you would know gta was on pc before consoles.

It really **** me of reading these idiots comments against releasing it on pc.

I feel whoever posted those comments are the same person or a negative troll who wishes he had a performance pc that could run the high settings most gta on pc games require.


gtapcfan posted a comment   

All of you guy's are thick and stupid I am PC gamer and I want GTAV on PC think about it you can download free games and pirate them that's what I do I make money for it.

I want to pirate GTAV on PC once it's comes out I will be giving them to my friends :)


bf32011 posted a comment   
United Kingdom

We don't honestly need PC.

We just want to play GTAV on console.

Rockstar don't put GTAV on PC otherwise it's going to get pirated!

and if you do release on PC I am going to pirate GTAV then.


hatefags posted a reply   
United States

stfu you probably cant even afford a pc to play it on you broke **** scrub..


BrandonS2 posted a reply   

**** off, some people would pay 150 quid insted of one grand for somthing that can do just as better as the other. And people would be stupid to pay one grand insted of one fifty. This console vs pc vs Mac war is stupid!

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