GTA V PC torrent scam hits thousands

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Thousands of hopeful GTA fans have been infected by a virus scam masquerading as the PC version of Rockstar's GTA V.

(Credit: WCCF Tech)

Rockstar hasn't yet announced a PC version of the overwhelmingly popular GTA V, and fans are desperate for it. A massive number of people, over 614,000, have signed a petition to port the game — which smashed through seven world records in its opening weekend — to PC, and industry sources have hinted at a PC version coming in early 2014.

But when you want what you want when you want it, sometimes common sense flies right out the window. Thousands of hopeful PC gamers have downloaded a legitimate-seeming torrent file claiming to be GTA V only to find their machines infested with malware, WCCF Tech has reported.

The file looks legit, appearing near the top of Google search results, and nearly 7000 users have connected; however, appearing as a setup.exe file, the first clue that something could be awry is the file size 18.3GB, compared with 7.7GB for the Xbox 360 version.

When users go to install the game, they're asked to complete surveys that require personal information in return for a .txt file containing a key. At this point, though, 18GB worth of malware has already been let loose on the users' PCs.

Of course, this isn't the only GTA V PC torrent scam out there — a quick web search reveals several results. Your best bet is, of course, not to download anything that doesn't come from Rockstar or its authorised resellers, especially before the developer has even announced a PC version of the game.

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TristramW posted a comment   

Ha so called PC master race my **** that's what you get for illegally downloading and passively destroying the gaming industry, have fun spending $2,000 grand upgrading your system.


DanielB5 posted a reply   

Your ignorance is laughable.
You do realise console piracy is just as big if not bigger than pc, any person can easily get their console modded to play games off a hard drive and also you can get devices which allow you to play said games off the hard drive through psn, so boom! free online play for console.
Console piracy is killing the industry just as much as any other.


NeilO posted a reply   

I can't believe how much anonymity there is between gamers. I love games, you love games. Why do the children have to attack each other over the controller or mouse in their hand? Current and newer graphics are plateauing so the extra horsepower from a PC isn't as beneficial as years past. Rockstar likely delays PC versions as the market is shrinking as more users move towards tablets and cheap laptops, not piracy. Besides, upgrading a gaming machine costs far closer to the price of a new console than "$2000 thousand". Stop being ignorant.The common enemy here is some dbag that has targeted your gaming brethren for :gasp!: wanting a great game?


RaulM posted a comment   
Puerto Rico

Looks like the "PC Master Race" can't wait for us "console peasants" to be done with our "beta testing" of the game for their benefit... SMH


ChestyB posted a comment   
United Kingdom

Stupid hurts :-(

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