Gucci's liquid-wood sunglasses can biodegrade

The Italian fashion label has dreamed up eco-friendly glasses made out of a biodegradable superwood.

In some ways, liquid wood stands as a must-needed successor to plastic, especially since it doesn't require petroleum to produce, and manufacturers can shape it in nearly any way through injection moulding.
(Credit: Gucci)

Gucci worked with sunglasses manufacturer Safilo to create the "green" glasses, which sport a frame made of material never used before in production eyewear: liquid wood, a renewable plastic of sorts that actually consists of biodegradable wood fibre, resins and the polymer lignin.

As for aesthetics, the semi-matte black frame contains a grey lens made of mineral glass, and Gucci used recycled metal for the hinges and small, metal rings along the sides.

Gucci's liquid-wood glasses remain prototypes for now, but the company hinted at a "future release". We put a query in with Gucci about potential availability and pricing, but a representative did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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