HandAble: avoid a smartphone death grip

A 78-year-old inventor has hatched an accessory concept to keep his phone from slipping out of his hands, and has taken it from a failed Kickstarter project to an actual market launch.

HandAble lets you cling to your smartphone for dear life.
(Credit: HandAble)

The cable retracts so that you don't have a dangly disc all up in your grill all the time.
(Credit: HandAble)

As smartphones get smaller, flatter, sleeker and shinier, they also get harder to hold onto. The HandAble holder is one way to avoid developing a smartphone death grip.

The accessory market is a crowded one, but HandAble is just clever and simple enough to warrant a look. It attaches to the back of the phone, and consists of a retractable disk that you slip your fingers under, keeping the phone snug against your hand.

HandAble is the brain child of Aaron Block, a 78-year-old inventor. The accessory was originally a Kickstarter project, but one that failed to reach its funding goal. An unfunded Kickstarter project doesn't mean that the idea has to die, though; HandAble is proof of that.

(Credit: HandAble)

Just about any smartphone is a good candidate for HandAble, but it can also be used on tablets like the iPad. It attaches with an adhesive disk that's removable, for when you get a new phone.

The HandAble will set you back US$19.95. That's a little pricey for a tiny accessory, but it's cheaper than replacing a constantly dropped phone. You can spice up the look with an interchangeable dome set in five different colours for an extra US$7.95.


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