Hands on: Motorola Atrix and Webtop

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To say we were surprised by the announcement of Motorola's new Laptop Dock and the power of its Atrix smartphone would be somewhat of an understatement. While the tech media at CES 2011 queued up for a chance to see the new Xoom tablet, it was the Atrix and accessories that stole the show.

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Google posted a comment   

The Death of the Tablet!


Rad posted a comment   

Who would have thought! People wanting to control their powerful smart phone from a full sized keyboard.

Surely someone like HTC can come up with a software app that allows a humble laptop to be used in the same way?

Mind you, what a neat package this is. Almost (totally?) negates the need for a netbook.


ching chao posted a comment   

wow!! i want



kc posted a reply   

like all smartphones. it will be in the $800 mark (unlocked)


AussieBall posted a reply   

And $500 for the WebDock!


ROFLMAOAY posted a comment   

I agree with "some random" it looks awesome


some random posted a comment   

i am a HUGE HTC fan but that phone looks amazing!

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