Hands on: Nokia Drive on the Lumia 800

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Nokia Australia joined in the Windows Phone celebrations today, allowing us to go inside Nokia HQ to get our hands on the two Windows Phone handsets announced at Nokia World in London last week.

Apart from enjoying the daring colour palette on show, we were keen to jump into the software and play spot the difference. The firmware running on these prototype units isn't final, but it did include the new Nokia Drive navigation app that Windows Phone users will be green with envy to see. We also took a peek at the Lumia 710, the little brother to the Lumia 800 expected to launch at a much cheaper price point than its somewhat slicker sibling.

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MichaelM9 posted a comment   

Any idea when it will be available in Australia?


mdelfy posted a comment   

Isn't Nokia Drive essentially the same app that is on Anna?


Joseph Hanlon posted a reply   

Yeah, that's what Nokia is aiming for as far as I can see. In fact the phrase the nokia reps used was that its the same as Nokia Drive on the N9, so they are going to a unified approach across all platforms.

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