Hands on: Samsung Galaxy S III

You've probably read all the rumours about the next Samsung Galaxy smartphone. And guess what? Most of them are pretty spot on. Samsung's upcoming flagship handset, now with an official name, the Samsung Galaxy S III, has finally made its debut in the chilly English capital.

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StuartT posted a comment   

gotta love people that have not seen or touch this phone physically think they know when something is better.


iiioool posted a comment   

lol it look like peice of **** very plastic)


Will1505 posted a reply   

Anyone that has owned a plastic phone over a solid built metal/glass phone (like the iphone) actually know the benefit of owning the plastic phone. You drop the solid phone or bump it the wrong way, it will break. The plastic ones have a little give when dropped and won't break.
I know metal and glass feel a little better but plastic has greater benefits over it.


Pining posted a reply   

To be honest, I thought it looked rather good. Every mobile I have ever had has been made of plastic and I've had no issues yet. The next one I get will be made of plastic too, unless something better is invented.
.......and what's a peice?


Jazz83 posted a comment   

16g/ 32g/ 64g internsal storage, as well as a micro-sd slot for upto 64g!? Im sold!


NawafA posted a comment   

Any news about the release date in Australia and which networks will have it ?


MitchellT posted a comment   

love the phone, but seriously guys, if you want to beat siri, get rid of the S-Voice UI, its hopeless and install the app iriS. much better


Dunners posted a reply   

How would you know if the SGS3 S-Voice is better or worse than iriS..?


Will1505 posted a reply   

Everyone i have talked to that have an iphone with siri say they use it for like two weeks because its a novelty and then realise that it isn't any faster than just manually doing what you want.

The only way that voice software is useful on phones are for people that might struggle to type and move through the phone.

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