Hands on with Dyson's Hot new fan heater

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James Dyson and his team of engineering boffins have been hard at it again, turning boring, inefficient household items into impossibly desirable must-have gadgets. The product of their recent efforts is the new AM04 Dyson Hot fan heater.

For anyone following the progress of Dyson products, the Hot will come as no real surprise, succeeding the large-size air multiplier fans launched this time last year. The Hot adds a ceramic heating element to the blade-less, air-pushing magic and heating the air temperature in a room as it passes up from the base and circulates within the "loop amplifier" (or, as we like to call it, the oval bit).

We've had a couple of days now to test the Dyson Hot and, though it tends to make things unpleasantly warm on these hot, spring days, we have been impressed with how quickly it managed to heat the rooms we've set it up in so far.

The Dyson Hot will launch in parts of the northern hemisphere before Christmas this year, with an Australian launch planned for closer to when it makes sense to launch a heater: winter next year.

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I wonder what the energy rating is?

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