Hands on with LG's gesture control and 84-inch TVs

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After giving us a heads-up on its 84-inch 3D TV in the week before CES, LG's 4K television will be arriving down under at the end of the year.

Sporting a resolution of 3840x2160 pixels ("ultra-definition") the TV will run passive 3D. One of the big arguments so far about 3D in passive mode is that it cuts the resolution in half. The 4K TV will deliver 1080p to both channels or both eyes all the time.

Also on show at CES is LG's gesture input for Smart TVs. A Kinect-style unit below the screen tracks user's motions, and also acts as a Skype camera. You can adjust the volume, swipe between apps and play games using gesture controls. Watch the video below for a demonstration on the show floor.

The 55-inch OLED really sets new standards in the TV realm in 2012. We're expecting to see this one in October and the price will come in under AU$10,000.

Seamus Byrne attended CES as a guest of LG.

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