Hands on with the Canon 1100D and 600D

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Canon has upgraded its entry-level digital SLR range with two cameras, the 1100D and 600D. CNET Australia got some hands-on time with the cameras.

The 1100D replaces the 1000D, and the 600D is the step-up from the 550D in Canon's range. Unfortunately, as these were preproduction models we weren't able to show you any images taken with the cameras, so stay tuned for our reviews soon.

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Susan Lim posted a comment   

I just got my new 1100D in red. I love it because of its unique color, weight and image quality. Great for beginners like me.


ShotShotShot posted a comment   

Red looks like Optimus Prime from transformer.

I like Transformer


Off with a bang posted a comment   

I would not touch these cameras unless they are Made in Japan, and use a Carl Zeiss lens, plus a Magnesium Die Cast body not plastic. These look like overpriced toy camers.


Peter Harvey posted a reply   

The 600 and 1100 are aimed at amateur, so a lightweight plastic body is perfect! The 1 and 5 etc are aimed at professionals, so a big heavyweight magnesium alloy body is the 3 way to go. Making an amateur 600/1100 out of expensive heavyweight magnesium is not good...


chichi posted a comment   

Actually the one thing which I do not like about these new cameras is that they have taken on the cutesy curves and rounded edges that Canon has given to its powershot range of cameras. It makes the SLRs look too consumer and not professional. Even with the 600D it is too round, i would not purchase it because of that.


Peter Harvey posted a reply   

I think these Canon cameras and their rounded edges are more beautiful than ever - keep it up Canon. As long as the red colour is optional, since red makes it look like a toy. Black is more for the serious professional...


chichi posted a comment   



Peter Harvey posted a reply   

Btw, have you noticed how the red body clashes with the black lens? Look at the black lens...

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