Hands on with the Canon EOS 550D

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Canon's latest addition to its EOS digital SLR range boasts more megapixels, more video functions and incremental updates compared to previous cameras.

We had an exclusive hands-on preview with the new camera, and got to shoot a few frames to see just what this SLR can do. Click through for images and analysis, or click here to read our preview of the 550D.

Except for the first four slides, all images were taken with a preproduction Canon EOS 550D model.

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Ellie posted a comment   

Tray Paxtons


M posted a comment   

I dont think its out yet, they just announced it around a week ago, i know the japan equivalent of the 550D, comes out on the 26th this month (from japans canon website), so it might be a while til we get it. Im deciding on this or the 50D hahaha.


Can't find It posted a comment   

Cant find this camera anywere for sale. The only place I have seen it is here. http://bit.ly/dnoclg

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