Hands on with the Lumix TZ20 and FT3

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Panasonic chose the picturesque setting of Queenstown in New Zealand to launch its latest line of compact cameras and camcorders for 2011, including the TZ20 and tough FT3.

Other cameras in the line-up for this year include the basic S-series, plus a stack of other slim compacts and flash memory camcorders. Click through for our initial impressions, prices, images straight from the cameras, and some New Zealand sights and sounds.

Alexandra Savvides travelled to New Zealand as a guest of Panasonic.

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Frank S posted a comment   

Alex, Nice hands on preview of these cameras.

What is your opinion on the image quality of the FT3?


Lexy Savvides posted a reply   

Hi Frank, as these were pre-production cameras it's not entirely fair to assess the image quality based on the stills taken at the time. However I'll have a review camera of the FT3 soon and from the initial tests, it looks as if the image quality will be on par with, if not better, than the FT1 and FT2.


Rebelstorm posted a comment   

Looking forward to seeing more images, once the finalised TZ20 is released. I'll volunteer to take some pic's and give Alex a break, in return for a TZ20. :-)

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