Hands on with the Panasonic Lumix G5 and LX7

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The new range of Panasonic Lumix cameras was launched in Australia with a shooting tour of various sights on the NSW Central Coast.

New models include the Lumix DMC-G5, an interchangeable lens camera, as well as the high-end advanced compact DMC-LX7. Click through the gallery for some photos and videos, as well as our first impressions.

All photos and videos appear as shot straight out of the camera as JPEGs. No post-processing, apart from cropping and/or resizing, has been done.

Lexy Savvides travelled to the Central Coast as a guest of Panasonic.

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ADSLNerd posted a comment   

Sony anytime, especially with their Carl Zeiss lens - nothing is equivalent.


AlexV1 posted a comment   

Panasonic doesn't get enough credit for their products , in particular the Camera category.


barnbie posted a reply   

I agree, they have quality, versatile products. II love the long exposure shots Lexy did on the LX7. I also adore my LX-5, but I have to admit I am very curious about the competitor, the Sony RX100, I do feel the urge to explore a brand I have always tried to avoid, rather than stick to upgrading in the panny stable.

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