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Lexy spent her formative years taking a lot of photos and dreaming in technicolour. Nothing much has changed now she's covering all things photography related for CNET.

Google+, Facebook's new competitor, is the name on everyone's lips; we discuss our first week living with the social network and answer your questions about it.

Your hosts this week are CNET Australia editors Lexy Savvides, Joe Hanlon and Michelle Starr.

This episode's topics of discussion include:

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etherial posted a comment   

Hey guys love the show every week.

Question for you:

I just bought a new Samsung smart tv. I love dlna media sharing!!! One strange thing though, it has this section called "Your Videos" where you can look at info on movies etc and even bookmark them; but that is it!! What is the point??

Also when are more usable apps coming?

iView and Bigpond is good, but a few more like offerings from 9, 7, or 10 would be nice!

Keep it up guys!


sleek881 posted a comment   

How do you get an invite? Love to try it out.


Dunners posted a reply   

Hi mate, sorry i tried to respond to you but it seems my message never got posted.
I'm helping with a small forum handing out invites.
it's at
All the information you need is there :)


Dunners posted a comment   

Heyy guys,

i'm one of the lucky few that managed to get a Google account, and from what i can see if you wanted to have cnet followers attached to your account you could just make a circle to put hem all in.

Then you can open the circle and see all the followers comments that they have shared with you.
It also allows you to send comments/thoughts/staus' to only that circle.

Also Joe if you would like an invite i can send you one :)


gregory.opera posted a comment   

When is Google going to be available to Google Apps customers?

Google Buzz was promised to be available to Google Apps customers "soon" after its launch, yet nearly two years later, we're still waiting!


Joseph Hanlon posted a comment   

No worries, thanks what we're here for :D


SisaleoT posted a comment   

thanx lexy and joe for answering my question

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