Happy Holidays from iTunes with 12 Days of Gifts

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Apple is giving everyone some holiday treats this year, with an app that delivers iTunes content goodies.

(Credit: Apple)

Want some free stuff for your iPhone or iPad? Of course you do.

Apple has just launched 12 Days of Gifts, a free app that will deliver one mystery gift of iTunes content a day for 12 days — including ebooks, films, music and apps. Each gift will be available for just 24 hours, so you'll need to check back every day to snap up the next one.

One caveat, though: according to the iTunes description, "not all content is available in all countries".

This is the first time the app has been released outside of Europe and Canada, where it has been an annual occasion for several years. The reason it took so long to arrive elsewhere is because of content licensing restrictions, which is the same reason not all content will be available to everyone.

Previous gifts have included episodes of popular TV shows such as Mad Men and Big Bang Theory, tracks from artists such as Kings of Leon and Bedouin Soundclash, a best-selling book, apps such as Diner Dash and Fishing Kings and 2008 film One Week.

The giveaways start on 26 December 2013 through to 6 January 2014. You can snap up the app for yourself here.

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swanny92 posted a comment   

This was definitely available in Australia last year. I think it's new to the US this year though.


MatthewP6 posted a comment   

I remember this from last year, too. Last year they had a terrible music video of Rod Stewart singing a Christmas song - no wonder it was a giveaway. I'm pretty sure I also got my copy of the first ep of Sherlock through this giveaway.

Thanks for the heads-up Michelle; have downloaded it now.


Michelle Starr posted a reply   

Heh, you win some, you lose some. It's free, though, so there's no downside to at least checking it out :)


MatthewP6 posted a reply   

Hi Michelle, being free didn't make Rod Stewart's music video of Let it Snow (yep, remember it now) any less painful :)

Still, my mama taught me something about gift horses and mouths ;)

If there is one gem among the 12 giveaways it is worthwhile. Last year's gem was the Sherlock episode.


Michelle Starr posted a reply   

I'd be happy with a good book, me :)

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