Harvey Norman holds TouchPad fire sale

Harvey Norman has said that its stores will be liquidating HP TouchPad stock, slashing the prices that will now start from $98.

HP TouchPad

HP TouchPad
(Credit: CNET Australia)

Harvey Norman general manager of Computers Ben McIntosh told ZDNet Australia today that all franchisees around Australia would liquidate the 16GB model for $98, down from $495, while the 32GB model would retail for $148, down from $599. The devices will ship with a full 12-month warranty.

McIntosh added that all franchisees will also sell HP accessories for half price.

"These will go until we're completely sold out," McIntosh said this afternoon, adding that the devices were cheaper than those offered in the fire sale held by Best Buy and HP in the US.

"The prices of $98 and $148 for 16GB and 32GB is better, once you factor in exchange rates, than American consumers are getting. It's a fantastic deal," he told ZDNet Australia.

Harvey Norman had originally suspended the sale of the HP TouchPad over the weekend until it could hold further discussions with HP Australia. McIntosh wouldn't say what HP had offered Harvey Norman in the meeting.

The fire sale comes after HP announced last week that it would can its webOS operations and stop producing TouchPads.

Via ZDNet.com.au

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TEXSPLEEN posted a comment   

Update: Touchpad is dead but WebOS could live on.


TEXSPLEEN posted a comment   

Not sold out. Taken off the shelves. WebOS is dead.


michaelfdidonato posted a comment   

were harvey Norman the only ones selling this. Could be good to try and put Android on


Joseph Hanlon posted a reply   

Yeah, Harveys had an exclusive on the TouchPad. Be interesting to see whether HP drops the price for them on their Australian website. Surely they must have thousands in a warehouse somewhere.


TEXSPLEEN posted a reply   

Hey Joe, Heard Harvey's first shipment was 6000 units?


PeteL posted a comment   

Just called every store in geelong, nothing left. nothing.


Dunners posted a comment   

Funny how this is likely to be the fastest selling tablet after the iPad. :p


That Mobile Guy posted a comment   

I love the irony of a guy named McIntosh reducing the price of a tablet that could compete with Apple.

And... at $98, that's one heck of a digital photo frame or in-car movie player for the kids.


SandraS1 posted a comment   

Already sold out at my local store - Gepps Cross, South Australia. Missed out by a dozen people....


ChristopherM2 posted a reply   

Doubtful but you could try Munno Para/Smithfield, 20-30 min drive away.

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