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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Have a drink in Middle Earth's Green Dragon Inn

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(Credit: Green Dragon Inn)

A brand-new pub modelled after JRR Tolkien's hobbits' drinking hole in Bywater, Hobbiton, has opened in New Zealand.

It's not just Air New Zealand that has a case of Hobbit fever — a new pub that has opened up near Matamata on New Zealand's north island is not just named, but is also physically modelled after the Green Dragon Inn.

Some serious work has gone into the structure, which has an atmosphere extending well beyond its walls and into surrounding area — an area that is actually a model of Hobbiton that was built in 1998, and the public can visit as part of a guided tour, including a sojourn at the new bar.

Information on the specialty ales served at the pub haven't yet been released, but we know that there is at least a Longbottom Leaf, and they're all poured (authentically) from wooden barrels.

So ... how many New Zealand readers never want to hear the word "hobbit" ever again?

For more pictures of the new Green Dragon Inn, visit its official Facebook page.

Nestled in the hills, the Green Dragon wakes at dusk.
(Credit: Green Dragon Inn)

A carved green dragon presides over the room from above the bar.
(Credit: Green Dragon Inn)


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