Here's looking at you kid: 'Casablanca' free on Facebook

This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Facebook users will be able to watch Casablanca for free, directly on the hit social network. According to a release from Warner Bros, the screening is timed with the release of the 70th anniversary Casablanca three-disc Blu-ray and DVD set.

The movie, often referred to as the "best film of all time", will be shown starting at 7pm AEST on 16 May, and 12pm AEST on 17 May, on the Casablanca Facebook page. Viewers must begin watching by 2pm AEST on 17 May, and can only watch the film once, per Facebook account.

With nearly one billion users, Facebook clearly represents an attractive venue for any kind of media, especially films. One wonders, however, what kind of audience Casablanca will get on a social network that is packed with teenagers more interested in The Hunger Games and Twilight films than in titles made before some of their grandparents were even born.

Still, it's a wonderful film, and for those of us who appreciate mastery on the silver screen, here's hoping that the Casablanca Facebook experiment is a success, and will lead to the screening of other great flicks.


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JasonM2 posted a comment   

Why? Having recently received my copy of the 70th edition on Blu-ray and been completely flawed at the 4k restoration I can't help but feel that streaming such a masterpiece over the net is tantamount to cinematic vandalism. Call me a snob, but Casablanca is deserving of the full Home Theatre treatment, anything less just seems wrong.


mclovin07 posted a reply   

yes you are a snob and citizen kane is the best film imo

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