Heroes TV show may come back as Xbox Live exclusive

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Microsoft is reportedly in talks to bring back the once-popular NBC show with new characters and stories.

(Credit: NBC)

Could the once-loved, but soon-hated TV show Heroes make a comeback as part of Microsoft's exclusive content offerings across Xbox Live? According to TVLine, it's quite possible.

According to the report, Microsoft is in "preliminary" talks with NBC, which still holds the rights to the Heroes franchise, to possibly relaunch the series with new characters and storylines.

Heroes debuted in 2006, and after a popular first season, soon found itself floundering before ceasing production after its fourth season.

The rumour suggests that original cast members would cameo, depending on their availability.

Microsoft already offers an exclusive show, Pulp, and former NBC development executive Jada Miranda currently works at Microsoft's Xbox entertainment studio, so the rumour certainly isn't outside the realms of possibility.

Whether or not the legion of ex-fans who turned off the original show in droves would consider coming back to the world of Heroes remains to be seen.

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