HighPoint RocketStor 5122B

HighPoint's RocketStor is a decent USB 3.0 dock, it's major draw being that it services each slot with its own USB 3.0 connection, rather than sharing bandwidth. If throughput is your concern, give this one a look.

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User Reviews / Comments  HighPoint RocketStor 5122B

  • Daniel smith

    Daniel smith

    "It's a great idea, why these vendors don't use multiple chips for one dock drive?
    HighPoint always can realize their innovative concept."

  • FocusJ


    "It's great to see a true 5Gb/s speed for each port. Decent product for file transfering between PC and hard disk."

  • The Tech Guy

    The Tech Guy

    "Great review. I did not know this product existed. The dual HDD bays are perfect for my backups. So long to USB 2.0 and it's slow speeds. Say hello to my little friend the RocketStor. I especially ..."

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