Hisense launches Ultra HD TV range in Australia

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The 4K/Ultra HD (UHD) market in Australia is getting a boost, with Chinese brand Hisense launching three new models, as promised late last year.

The 84-inch XT900.
(Credit: Hisense)

The company's flagship is the 84-inch XT900, an edge-lit LED panel with a 3840x2160 resolution. The XT900 has built-in Wi-Fi, time shifting and PVR functions, as well as #D and smart TV functionality.

Joining it are the 65-inch and 58-inch versions of the XT880. These feature similar panel technology to the XT900, although not quite as bright (400 nit versus 420 nit), but with a higher contrast ratio (5000:1 versus 1600:1).

The XT880 runs Opera software for its smart TV offering and web browser. Wi-Fi is also built in, along with the same time-shifting and PVR functions as the XT900.

At the moment, there's no pricing on the range or timing for when they'll be in retail. The Hisense TVs will join 4K/UHD TVs from LG, Sony and Samsung in Australia, with more manufacturers expected to follow suit during 2013.

The XT880.
(Credit: Hisense)

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Gunna posted a comment   

i wish they would hurry up the release of these screens..... im busting to see them in the flesh.hope they are at the right price for those looking for an awesome screen but dont care for the smart tv extras that jack the price up..... you can only have so many “smart” devices...... ps3, xbox, media streamer.


grumpi posted a comment   

These Hisense TVs will help push Ultra HD TV prices down.

Being able to afford one may not be as far off as I thought.

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