Best home cinema

  • Denon AVR-2312

    Denon AVR-2312

    CNET Rating8.9
    User Rating6.5

    Denon has traditionally been a bit on the expensive side, but this reasonably priced receiver is a bargain, with ridiculously strong performance for the dollars. 3

  • REL T-5 subwoofer

    REL T-5 subwoofer

    CNET Rating8.8

    The REL T-5 is an adorable little subwoofer that offers a musical performance for a budget price, and will play movies acceptably despite its compact size. 1

  • Sonos Play:3

    Sonos Play:3

    CNET Rating8.5

    The Sonos Play:3 is an affordable first step into the world of multi-room audio, and sounds better than most iPod docks. 1

  • NaimUniti


    If you're looking for a high-end, all-in-one stereo system, then the NaimUniti is the best, most future-proof model that we've seen. It features astounding build quality, understated design, ease of use and rock solid sound.

  • Pure One Flow

    Pure One Flow

    CNET Rating8.8
    User Rating3.0

    The Pure One Flow is an essential update to to the original Classic as it brings higher sound quality, greater usability and a raft of new networking features. 2

  • Sony CMTFX350I DAB+ micro system

    Sony CMTFX350I DAB+ micro system

    CNET Rating8.6

    The Sony CMTFX350I not only packs in the features, including DAB+, CD and iPod dock, but also a lot of performance for the price.

  • D-Link Boxee Box

    D-Link Boxee Box

    CNET Rating9.0
    User Rating7.5

    The Boxee Box is a premium-priced proposition best suited for those who want an easy out-of-the-box Boxee experience. 7

  • Arcam rDAC

    Arcam rDAC

    CNET Rating8.6

    The Arcam rDAC is a perfect accompaniment to a media streamer or PC, as it enables you to ditch the CD player and enjoy high-quality digital files through your stereo. 2

  • Marantz NA7004 network audio player

    Marantz NA7004 network audio player

    CNET Rating8.4
    User Rating2.5

    If you're looking for a network music player packed with features and sparkling audio then the Marantz NA7004 is a one-stop shop. 4

  • Onkyo TX-SR578

    Onkyo TX-SR578

    CNET Rating8.6
    User Rating9.0

    The Onkyo TX-SR578 is one of the best receivers under a grand and offers great sound, 3D compatibility and even an optional DAB+ tuner. 5

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