Honda Civic Hybrid (2011)

The new Civic Hybrid mightn't look all that different to the old model, but it does come, for the first time, with a Lithium-ion battery pack and a larger 1.5-litre petrol engine.

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Honda US has just released information and photos of the next-generation Civic that's due to go on sale in Australia sometime this year. In the US, the Civic will come in two body styles, sedan and coupe, although we're unlikely to see the latter down under.

The new Hybrid's drivetrain consists of an electric motor fed, for the first time, by a Lithium-ion battery pack and a fuel-efficient 1.5-litre engine — the old model had a 1.3-litre motor. In official testing in the US, the new model achieves a combined city/highway fuel consumption rating of 5.2L/100km.

Other models announced today include a sporty Si variant sporting a 149kW/230Nm 2.4-litre engine and a six-speed manual transmission, and an eco-focussed non-hybrid model dubbed HF that has a 104kW 1.8-litre petrol engine. Both the HF and Hybrid come equipped with prominent dashboard indicators, dubbed Eco Assist, to help drivers steer their cars more economically.


Don't take the photos in the gallery to be definitive. If the next-generation model follows the present model's trend, the Civic that goes on sale in Australia, Japan and Europe will likely feature a slightly different look, with tweaked bumpers, and head- and tail-lights.

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DeAtomizer posted a review   

The Good:Its a Honda.

The Bad:If not built in Japan

I own a 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid. I love the little car. Cheap to run and penny's maintain. Not to sure about the new styling though. After all it is a CIVIC and if it starts getting to flashy Honda will have to change the name.


kevin posted a reply   

When i reed the bit where you said "penny's maintain." I stop completely and though you're out of your mind, maintaining any Honday is expensive, especially replacing parts.


The guy posted a reply   

Don't give reviews of stuff you don't own.

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