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Lexy spent her formative years taking a lot of photos and dreaming in technicolour. Nothing much has changed now she's covering all things photography related for CNET.

The Digital Show is the Southern Hemisphere's largest exhibition of photography and tech gear. Held in Melbourne in 2012, CNET Australia was there to check out all the latest gear.

Camera and accessories manufacturers were out in force to show off their new wares, but there were plenty of opportunities for like-minded photographers to meet and greet at various stages, throughout the show.

Stay tuned for our video features and interviews from the show, coming soon.

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Im Batman posted a comment   

Looking forward to seeing more coverage from the show lexi...
Loved the Aerobot footage, tracking the surfers on the wave was awesome, and the amazing views of the waterfalls were breathtaking.

With the telephoto lenses, the camera bodies blur into minature... even the full frame monsters look tiny when attached to thoses lenses.

The cut away of the lenses are nice, gives you perspective of what its like on the inside


Lexy Savvides posted a reply   

Aerobot was definitely the highlight of the show! Will have a video on that soon :)

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