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Step inside the QT Hotel in Sydney as we take you on a tour of the technology that will make your stay more fun.

The QT in Sydney is one of the city's newest hotels, boasting a quirky aesthetic that will make any design-lover drool. There are lifts that automatically detect the number of people inside and play party songs, as well as HD displays featuring Australian artwork.

Come with us behind the scenes to find out what else is in store.

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RyanC2 posted a comment   

So basically there is a fancy lift and room service just on an ipad. That was hardly worth the data download for that video.


LeashaA posted a comment   

A kinect, some HD tv's and an app..... greeeeeat.


joytech22 posted a comment   

You know what? I think I'll get a few friends together and check it out for a few nights and see what it's like. :D Not too expensive for what it is I suppose.


Shannon.Roberts posted a reply   

i agree Joy.. im not paying $300+ a night just for myself.

Im happy to book an apartment for less than that, otherwise The Ridges is fine :)

Delux ensuite $1200+ hmm :)

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