Hoteliers plan to get tech savvy in 2012

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A global TripAdvisor survey has revealed that hoteliers will be investing in mobile technology and Wi-Fi in 2012.

(Credit: TripAdvisor)

The TripAdvisor Industry Index survey (PDF) was conducted globally, asking over 9000 accommodation owners and managers about the industry's outlook for 2012, and delving into economic outlook, mobile strategy and expansion plans.

The survey revealed that hoteliers intend to reach out to tech-savvy travellers by investing in mobile marketing (39 per cent) and offering free in-room internet access (77 per cent) in the year ahead.

"Many hoteliers are ... planning to monitor traveller mentions of their properties on social media and roll out programs to reach travellers 'on the go'," the survey stated.

In the Asia-Pacific region alone, 60 per cent of hotels plan to offer free internet access to guests; 53 per cent intend to engage mobile users with mobile apps, bookings and special deals; and 73 per cent plan to monitor social-media reviews.

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