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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Hoverbike could soon be a reality

Don't feel like driving to work?
(Credit: Chris Malloy)

Riding a motorcycle can be a pretty dangerous mode of transport, but obviously, not everyone agrees or the Hoverbike wouldn't have been built.

Designed by Australian engineer Chris Malloy, this hybrid vehicle combines a dual-propeller helicopter and a racing motorcycle and looks incredibly cool. It's retro styled and has some fancy propellers made of Tasmanian Oak. It also has a 1170cc four-stroke engine and a carbon-fibre driveshaft, the latter being a lighter alternative to steel or aluminium.

While the idea of a flying motorcycle may pique the interests of daredevils, there aren't any videos (or pictures) of the Hoverbike in flight yet save for a few images of the contraption hovering while tethered to the ground. Also, its flight specifications — which are untested so far — are cause for concern. For example, the "bike" is designed to reach a maximum altitude of 10,000 feet, which is incredibly high for such a small aircraft. It also comes with two explosive parachutes that deploy in case of an emergency.

While we aren't sure if the Hoverbike will ever be approved by aviation authorities, we can't deny the attraction of personal flying vehicles. Earlier we wrote about Martin Jetpack and FlyNano, which look a lot safer by comparison.

The Hoverbike achieves lift-off, though we're not sure how stable it'll be untethered.
(Credit: Chris Malloy)

Via CNET Asia and gizmag

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coreywright posted a comment   

Nah, ain't gonna happen.


GeorgeM posted a comment   

Dont think its going to handle to well. A Hovercraft is hard enough to control. Cant imagine being so exposed while floating at 110K's an hour. What happens if you have to stop immediately. Reverse Thrusters?

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