How do I internet? Fake Apple stores

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Lexy spent her formative years taking a lot of photos and dreaming in technicolour. Nothing much has changed now she's covering all things photography related for CNET.

Welcome to How Do I Internet?, the segment where we dissect what's going on in this weird and wonderful place that we call the world wide web.

We present to you the best of the tubes in video form, and we're focusing this week on the mad craze of fake Apple stores. Here's what we covered:

If you have a question that you want answered for a future edition, leave us a comment below!

This segment is part of CNET Australia's weekly video show, Pulse TV. Click here to watch the episode in full.

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Science.TNT 05 posted a comment   

I read from last weeks email that china is selling fake iPhone5


fmcrazyer posted a comment   

I know somewhere around there. I almost bought the fake apply iphone. Now I am interested in fm transmitter, one of my friend recommended. I'd like to have a try. Will soon come back telling you guys how i feel. The website is

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